Friday, 7 November 2008

At the White House, November 4th 2008

Me with, from left to right: John, Phil, Andy, Greg and Jamie.

Sarah Palin in the White House kitchen.


socialistnotnewlabour said...

Obama and Bush agree on most things; both are men of the system,' he says. 'We can be naive and believe Obama will bring the positive "changes" he talks vaguely about, or we can understand the reality: that he will manage an ideological system in which 42 cents in every tax dollar goes directly and indirectly on war. My view is he's a sort of American Blair.

You call yourself a socialist but in reality you are nothing of the sort.

socialistnotnewlabour said...

What will you say to the Afghan family who will be wiped out by a 500 lb bomb dropped by President Obama? Your liberal hero Obama is just another war hungry demorcrat like Clinton and Blair, from the same stable as the trans altantic right wing alliance.

DaveA said...

I find it interesting that Labour slavishly follow he Democrats. Economically Obama is on a tax cutting strategy (Labour take note), and there is not much to choose ideologically between the two fiscally. Same for foreign policy, infact Kennedy and Johnson were the Presidents who expanded the Vietnam war and Nixon was the man who decided on withdrawal.

The only area I can see Obama being different is in social policy. The UK equivalent of the NHS would bankrupt the USA, he may go for an expanded Medicare system but maybe not.

I think therefore many blacks will feel very disappointed at what I predict will be an 8 year term. Being blunt they probably expect a lot from Obama and I do not think he will deliver. They no doubt expect "something for nothing" and I can see a generation of resentment.

He may well of got my vote, Obama