Friday, 7 November 2008

More pics from polling day, November 4th 2008


Paul said...

why are you canvassing a parking meter?

Anonymous said...

Because it makes a change from bus shelters?

Katabasis said...

why is:

"Kerry McCarthy

Labour Member of Parliament for Bristol East"

canvassing for a candidate IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY?

CarnackiUK said...

"canvassing for a candidate IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY?"

You think someone with Kerry's mindset would pass up an opportunity to patronise Black people?

DaveA said...

I must say if some Democrat American turned up on my doorstep and was canvassing for the Labour Party, they would be getting the benefit of my wisdom. I think it is quite impertinent to go to foreign country and interfere in their election process.

As someone who has knowledge of American immigration, I asume you were on a B1/B2 3 month visa, i.e just a British passport. It is illegal to overtly publish, canvass and support policies and parties of a political nature.

I worked on an L1 visa and as someone who was legal to work, even I could not enagage in the political process. It is only in the last 10 years permanent residents, Green Card Holders have been allowed to hold political views.

Back to the Democratic canvasser, I would of suggested they leave the country ASAP as they no right to advise me in my own country which way I should act. Frankly a phrase including off would be left till last. We have enough foreign tails wagging British dogs, thank you very much.