Friday, 7 November 2008

Back to work

Didn't actually get any sleep last night, as flight got in at 6am and I can't sleep on planes. But still stayed up for Glenrothes - great result. Higher Labour vote than in 2005, and a 6,737 majority. Can't remember when we last had a majority that size in a by-election. "As remarkable a victory for Labour as Glasgow East was for SNP" says the bloke on the telly. "A seriously good result for the Labour Party" says the other one.

Busy couple of weeks coming up. Have been successful in getting an adjournment debate next Weds on the welfare of children with a parent or parents in prison, which I've been planning for some time. And have also succeeded in getting a slot for a ten minute rule Bill on November 25th, provisionally titled Children (Protection of Privacy) Bill. It's about the use of children in the media, e.g. in reality TV shows (Supernanny, House of Tiny Tearaways), documentaries (The Eight Year Old Anorexic), and the likes of the Jeremy Kyle show (DNA test results live on air). More about that later.

Also very excited to have been asked to host a roundtable discussion with Robert Shapiro, former economic adviser to Clinton. And since I said yes, he's been asked to join the Obama team too. So really looking forward to that.


Old Holborn said...

Erm...why were you there?

Guthrum said...


Matt Davies said...

Good job there was nothing important going on here.

If there had been a major economic crisis, her constituents might have wondered where her priorities lie.