Thursday, 18 March 2010

Fragile Happiness

Interesting findings from a survey of MPs for a programme on the BBC tonight, the People's Politician. Two-fifths of MPs say their work has left them feeling depressed, 84% say that the public doesn't understand their jobs, and four out of ten say that they 'always' or 'often' exceed the government's recommended weekly alcohol limit. Four-fifths of the MPs agreed they were "hate figures".

However.... it's not all bad. 58% said they got "a lot" of satisfaction from their work and 21% said they could not imagine being happier doing anything else. And 14% want to be Prime Minister.

The programme is on at 9pm tonight.

Postscript... I'm sure my original version of this ended with a rather sarcastic commentary on all the above. But frankly I don't have the energy to try a repeat performance.


The Filthy Engineer said...

5/5ths of ordinary people find their work depressing.

84% of the public are amazed at how much MP's earn with so little work.

Well as for the drinking, that will soon stop when the minimum pricing is enacted. £62 for a bottle of Whisky.

58% satisfaction that they got from the troughing before they were caught out.

79% want to leave?

86% have no ambition.

Mcleod said...

MPs are hate figures because the public look to them to set higher standards, the Public also expect the Job of an MP to be Vocational and altruistic and they expect MPs to be principled. Unfortunately, MPs have shown time and time again that in most cases they are the diametrical opposite, and are MPs for reasons of personal gain, power and often have little concern for people they claim to represent. I think that many MPs enter parliament with the desire and expectations to "make a difference" but are corrupted by the power or the frustration of the lack of it and either set about looking after number one or dedicate their time and energy to further their careers. The final result is 650 MPs most of whom do as little as possible, some pursue pet projects, some simple go through the motions, and some work very hard and sell their soul to advance the careers.

Mcleod said...

Did you see March 19th edition of Private Eye. Page 30.