Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Kerry's guide to PMQs


*1 Tony Baldry (Banbury):
Random Labour backbencher
Cameron (6 questions, could be split)
Random Labour backbencher
Clegg (2 questions)
Random Labour backbencher

*2 Mr John Redwood (Wokingham):
*3 Gwyn Prosser (Dover):
Random Opposition backbencher
*4 Derek Twigg (Halton):
Random Opposition backbencher
*5 Linda Gilroy (Plymouth, Sutton):
*6 Mr Anthony Steen (Totnes):
*7 Mr Lindsay Hoyle (Chorley):
*8 Simon Hughes (North Southwark & Bermondsey):
Random Labour backbencher

*9 Jo Swinson (East Dunbartonshire):
*10 Mr Michael Clapham (Barnsley West & Penistone):
*11 Mr Gerald Howarth (Aldershot):
Random Labour backbencher
*12 Mr John Baron (Billericay):
Random Labour backbencher
*13 Mr Andrew Turner (Isle of Wight):
*14 Mr James Plaskitt (Warwick & Leamington):
Random Opposition backbencher

*15 Chris Ruane (Vale of Clwyd):

Predictions... Cameron will go on Unite/ Charlie Whelan/ Labour in hock to unions, at which point you may just hear the words "Ashcroft" "Belize" and "tax-dodger" from the Labour benches. Bring it on, I say - nothing at all to be ashamed of about being funded by a democratic organisation representing 1.5 million people and their families (who all pay tax). Or if he doesn't do that it could be a continuation of the alleged underfunding of troops. Or blaming Gordon for the break-up of Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes marriage because he didn't give them a Married Couple's Allowance. (See also, Cheryl and Ashley Cole; Mark from Take That and Emma. Kerry Katona and that dodgy bloke.)

Don't know about Clegg. Tempted to say I don't care, but we're in hung Parliament territory, have to be nice to Lib Dems! Or perhaps not.

This is almost certainly Sir Anthony Steen's swansong at PMQs. He's been speaking in Westminster Hall this morning on visas for domestic workers, the issue being that if they are badly treated by their employers they have no choice but to put up with it or lose their job/ visa and be kicked out of the country. Got to hand it to the old boy, he's been good on issues like this and human trafficking. Not so good on 'getting' why it's not a good idea to tell people they're just jealous because his house looks like Balmoral, but there you go.

As for the others... Redwood will go on something to do with economy/ regulation/ EU and will think he's being very clever. Sometimes he asks very short questions. Gwyn Prosser has a big local issue, re the port of Dover. If we get to Mike Clapham it will probably be pleural plaques, he's a long-time campaigner on the issue. And Simon Hughes will be greeted with cries of "too long!" "enough already!" as soon as he opens his mouth. It's a longstanding Commons tradition. And expect quite a few grandees called as 'randoms', i.e. those who are standing down. Not many PMQs to go before they depart the green benches.


SteveL said...

What's happening with Mandelson's daft "Digital backwater bill"? What is it about TCP/IP packets that he and his team doesn't understand?

David Love said...

Current procedure on domestic workers visa allows them to change employers as long as they are still employed as a domestic worker by the new employer. Old employer's permission not required. Of course, how many people on such visas actually know that is another question...