Monday, 22 March 2010

When the Going Gets Tough*

Given yesterday's inclusion in an Observer piece on the Top Ten political blogs, I feel under something of an obligation to raise my game and blog a bit more. The more observant amongst you may have noticed that I've barely even tweeted over the past few days, and good intentions of blogging last night ended instead with falling asleep on the sofa to the sound of the Boyzone tribute to Stephen Gately concert. (And no, not a fan, and their version of the godlike Billy Ocean's "When the Going Gets Tough" is a travesty, but I felt under a moral obligation to watch. One in the eye for Jan Moir, etc.)

Actually, in the absence of any other contenders, I'm coming to the conclusion that "When the Going Gets Tough" - Billy O version - should be our election song on the grounds that:

a) Things have got tough, but you need Labour fighters and a tough guy at the helm to deal with it, and Labour has comprehensively risen to the challenge of difficult economic and political circumstances;

b) It has an amusing reference to Alistair Darling in it. Sort of.

c) We can have a lot of fun on Twitter with "When the Going Gets Tough, the Toffs Get Going"

d) See above re godlike genius that is Billy O.

e) When referred to a panel consisting of: Blog the Week's Conor Pope; the Stilletoed Socialist herself, Bevanite Ellie; and Twitter's @BenMosley and @BenCooper86 (collectively known as BenSquared) over brunch on Sunday, it met with virtually unanimous approval.

OK, we may have some explaining to do when it comes to the line about "Gonna make you stand and deliver, and give me love in the old-fashioned way", which conjures up frankly disturbing images, but I think we can deal with that.

Anything to stop that big-haired pomp rock nonsense, "Don't Stop Believing". I may have to resign the Labour whip if we choose that.

*I may well have used this title before, but hey, worth a reprise.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of adopting

"I've got a brand new combine harvester" as my campaign song - what do you think?

fendawg said...

First time I've found my way here, and I'm so glad I did.

I watched the Gately tribute for exactly the same reasons - but then had to retreat to online Radio Northsea International ( for some real music.

If we do have When The Going Gets Tough as our song, can we please get Danny DeVito over to promote it, and maybe Eddie Izzard could fill the Kathleen Turner role? Now all we need is a Michael Douglas figure.....

Kerry said...

I'd say "I am a cider drinker", the less successful follow up, seeing as you're stepping into my shoes. Ho ho.

Welcome to the blog Fendawg. If Danny can't make it we could always get Ian McCartney to stand in. Or me.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Not allowed to drink cider in Labour's Britain anymore, Kerry. Remember that or you'll find yourself an outcast sharpish.

fendawg said...

Thanks for the welcome Kerry - I'm Tim, just haven't figured out how to change my username from when I registered on a Boston Red Sox blog!

Never mind Ian (or yourself), at barely 4 feet tall, I reckon I'm closer to Danny than either of you - if only I'd done Dancing On Wheels I'd be ideal!