Thursday, 12 March 2009

No more burgers for Boris

Thanks to price of meat for the heads up on this one. Tory MEP challenges Boris to eat less meat.


The Grim Reaper said...

Mmm... beef.

James Burr said...

Hmmm, again I seem to be going against the grain in that only this week I have started eating, as Boris would say, Homeric amounts of meat. Every day. And cheese. It's otherwise known as the Atkins diet.

My folks both lost several stone on it a few years back and, much to the surprise of their dietician (who was initially horrified and said the old man would certainly kill himself by following such a dangerous diet) their blood pressure, cholesterol, emergent diabetes etc all cleared up so they could go from 20 pills a day between them, to just one, for my dad.

Expensive it may be, but already I no longer have hunger pangs every few hours but instead have to remind myself to eat. And a fry up is a glorious way to start the day!

aproposofwhat said...

Am I still allowed fish on a Friday, or is that bad now too?

I currently eat meat a couple of times a week, because I enjoy it - my low consumption is due to only eating free range meat and eggs, and not being able to afford to eat it more often because I hate the idea of battery farms etc.

And would Boris be as funny without the faint suspicion of incipient CJD?

Dave H said...

"The major killers in the west are cancer and heart disease, which are both linked with a diet high in meat."

You know the kind of people you're up against when they come out with crap like that. I'd be prepared to bet that detox diets, homeopathy, ‘Dr’ Gillian McKeith, astrology and pseudo-scientific wibble in general are similarly linked with a meat-free diet.

BTW thinking of apropo’s comment. Is Cordelia Gummer alive and well, or do others on the ward call her Napoleon?

Kerry said...

It's a Tory MEP!

Dave H said...

Well, he's an idiot Tory MP. I'll also bet a diet high in Donner Kebabs is linked with liver disease.

Dave H said...

Perhaps I ought to do more than just call him an idiot. He linked meat with cancer and heart disease, in a piece arguing the case for a meat-free diet.

By all means promote vegetarianism for animal welfare reasons or the gross inefficiency of rearing (greenhouse-gas-burping) animals for food, but he shouldn't imply meat is unhealthy in a balanced diet.

Kerry said...

Don't think he's arguing for a meat-free diet, or is a vegetarian.

Dave H said...

Eh? In this piece a meat-free diet is precisely what he is arguing for:

“Why I'm challenging Boris to go meat-free”

He may be a recent convert but he sounds vegetarian to me:

“by not eating meat for a couple of months”

I think you need to eat more fish, Kerry. Anyway, enough for today. Instead of wittering on about the merits and ethics of diet I’m off for a responsible ca. 26 units and a kebab (if I comment early tommorrow morning I suggest you delete without reading).

Kerry said...

Going meat-free for a while doesn't make you a vegetarian, anymore than giving up alcohol for Lent makes you a teetotal. Or a Catholic.