Wednesday, 11 March 2009

That's right, blame the mother

Did her mother lock her in the cellar for 24 years, rape and abuse her repeatedly, impregnate her repeatedly, leave her with terrible internal injuries and permanent psychological damage? Not to mention the harm done to the children who were born down there as a result of incestuous rape. No, her mother was NOT 'the cause of her 24 year ordeal'.

And while we're on the subject - the article is fairly balanced, the headline is not.


Alice Dale said...

The Daily Mail style of journalism never fails to shock me. The sloppy sensationlist attitude to what is the most awful story I've heard in blaming it all on the mother is, quite frankly, ridiculous. If Joseph Fritzl had died shortly after Elisabeth's birth then the whole thing would never have happened - and that's why it's his fault and not Rosemarie's.

The Grim Reaper said...

Well, the mother could easily have done something about it. She could have put a stop to it if she wanted to. The fact she didn't says a lot.

Kerry said...

There is no suggestion she knew it was happening. Her alleged culpability is just the fact he had a rape conviction and she let him back in the house - bit of a leap from that to assuming he's going to lock his daughter up in the cellar for 24 years and force her to have seven or so children by him.