Friday, 13 March 2009

Bad timing

Forgot that posting on LabourList meant I had to look at comments coming in on there... My first piece was about the inclusion of children in what Derek (or someone) dubbed 'exploitation TV'. Cue daft comments from people saying 'if you don't want your kids to watch it Kerry, switch it off' and talking about parental controls of children's viewing habits. It was nothing to do with children watching anything! The charitable explanation is that they didn't read the article

More worryingly though, someone felt that the piece might be having a bit of a sideways swipe at David Cameron, who has in the past been accused of exposing his children to the public gaze for political gain. It was posted around the time of PMQs on the day Ivan Cameron died. Can I just make clear - the piece was written while waiting for a late vote in my Westminster office and then emailed through to LabourList the night before it appeared, or possibly even on the Monday night, I can't remember. I agree that to have sat down and penned such a piece the day of Ivan's death would have been in appalling bad taste (even though it was nothing to do with the Camerons). But that's not what happened.

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