Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A techy question

My 'From Under the Floorboards' section only seems to update once or twice a day. Does that happen to everyone else too, or do you get more regular feeds? Logging out and in again doesn't seem to make a difference, nor refreshing the page.


Chris Hutt said...

Off topic, but I thought you ought to check out the latest from Old Holborn - he's been outed and is shutting up shop.


Kerry said...

Thanks. Echoes of the People's Front of Judea in the associated UKLP link.

Interesting how he feels threatened when he receives email saying "Ha Ha. I know who you are.... Let's see how mouthy you want to get when I pay you a visit". Not a million miles removed from someone you don't know talking about stringing you up from a lamppost and saying 'I'll be in town next week' and 'I'm watching you', is it?

I almost lean towards feeling some sympathy for him on this issue, but then I remember how he's used his anonymity in the past, (not re me but the other stuff). He'll be back no doubt.

Chris Hutt said...

I read the UKLP link too. It's all familiar stuff to anyone who's ever been involved in incestuous campaign or political groupings.

I suppose the problem with being an anonymous blogger is that you go that bit further (or a lot further in OH's case) beyond what is fair comment, only to become fearful of the potential for exposure.

Ian B said...

Well, I don't think the disappearance of the least coherent of the hempen rope brigade is any loss to the libertarian cause (it's LPUK by the way Chris, to avoid association with the paleotories of UKIP).

The Bristol Blogger said...

Any blogger or internet user using a nom de guerre to avoid legal complications is naive in the extreme.

I think the main purpose, for me anyway, is to create a larger-than-life character for entertainment purposes and to create an air of mystery.

This is the Guido Fawkes approach too. And everyone knows who he is don't they?

It's a big, tough competitive news market out there on the internet and anything that gives you a competitive edge is worth a try.

Perhaps OH hadn't thought through the implications of what he was doing or the inevitability of someone, somewhere announcing his identity.

He should have just ignored it and carried on. Confirm or deny nothing. By first engaging and then stopping blogging he's confirmed the truth of the claim and blown the issue up bigger.

I've just given away my whole cunning blogging masterplan here haven't I?

As for death threats and abuse, I've got a couple of stalkers who regularly wish me dead. I just laugh at them.

And I'm sure Kerry doesn't mean it really.

Bristol Dave said...

I was a big fan of OH's blog and am sad to see it go if he doesn't come back. I know Kerry wasn't and I didn't agree with everything he said, but I did enjoy his writing style. I hope he does come back, frankly.

On Topic - the feed of "blogs I read" on my blog is slow to update - I've noticed slower than other people's blogs who link the same blogs in their "blogs they read" section! Maybe a mail to Blogger.com might be in order...