Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Guardian belatedly has an article on Twitter today, which echoes much of the celeb trivia in the Mail on Sunday's version, but throws in a bit about the Israeli government using it as a PR tool to give it a bit of intellectual credibility.
Those who get beyond the bits about Britney, John Cleese, Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry in the Mail's version, will see that "Astonishingly one Labour politician even posted a message from inside the House of Commons Chamber. At 11.47am on December 15, Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy sent a Twitter via her mobile saying: ‘In Chamber thinking I’m not going to get called and won’t have long enough to say anything meaningful if I am.’"
Most 'astonishing' perhaps is that December 15 was a Monday, and the House doesn't sit till 2.30pm. But I've just checked and the message was actually sent at 7.47pm, after I'd been sitting there for more than five hours. Which shows admirable restraint on my part, I think.
Still not sure I quite see the point of twittering, but will persevere.

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