Tuesday, 23 December 2008

I object to male objectification

Can I be the first (probably not) to complain about Sky News' shameless objectification of the male physique, with its round the clock coverage of President-elect, Barack Obama, "topless" in his swimwear in Hawaii. The leering sexism (not to mention disappointing inaccuracy) behind its 'Commander in briefs' headline. The fatuous 'expert' analysis of 'how Barry got his beach body'. The totally gratutious use of shots of other important people without their shirts on to pad out the item to a respectable length and give them an opportunity to show the presidential pecs yet again. All entirely unnecessary and not what we expect of our national media.

PS Is this a chance to show my pics of Boris again?


Dick the Prick said...

You just gotta feel sorry for the lad really. Ah, well, no one forced him and he's got more than Cameron could dream of. I'm Tory to the vein and yeah, we're gonna win, but gaddzooks - it makes you wonder why bother? There's no intuition there, no belief, no 'i'm right, you're wrong - anything else chump?' about the lad.

The misplaced and malfiesant egos that have infected the British constitution are showing themselves up as being wholly unrepresentative of anything vaguely related to achievement.

The cabals that operate in the higher echelons of parliament mean that the civil service feel like Eliot Ness. Parliament is dead and whilst you guys navel gaze, it ain't the opposition you're beating - you're just fighting them.

There's no hope for any of us for the next 3 years. Cameron is a tool who's gonna win. The one guy who could fight the power and what? PR - cheers Dave, thanks a bunch. Suppose twas ever thus.

Happy Chrimbo.

Kerry said...

Is he taking me seriously?

Dick the Prick said...

Why'd you get into parliament Kezza - open question - not partisan at all.

Me - i'd do it to give the peeps a voice (am quite an empty vessel), but maily to support the terriotory of the constituency - nowt more. Office, office without value is just a room.

Seriously lass, hope you don't think i'm being rude, but what are your plans? Is your majority sorted? I've got Kali Mountford as mine and, well, she's toast. Bit rubbish tho eh?? No need to answer that.

Dick the Prick said...

In answer to your question Kez - no, unfortunately I'm not. Ain't that a shame? Be better, do better, fight harder, fight dirty as there are lads that you know that I wouldn't put my pint down to drop.

Only you can stop the forest fire!

Kerry said...

Kali is seriously ill, so best lay off her, don't you think?