Tuesday, 23 December 2008

I object again!

The Daily Mail is at it too, and has nicked Sky's headline. The Mail has recently introduced a new feature on its comments, whereby readers can mark a comment 'up' or 'down' according to whether they agree with it or not. Anyone have any idea how I can do that on here?

I like the fact that at least 255 men* so far agree with Charles, UK, who says that: "The women that are drooling over Obuma [sic] don't have very high standards as he's at best very average. And don't forget his 10 inch thick pencil thin neck that makes him look like a victim of some disease. Come on girls, you can do better than that!" And at least 501 men* disagree with Akos from London, who drools: "Wow!!! I love it. After 20th Jan I bet we wont see much of these pics anymore. HE is tres gorgeous!!!!"

* Of course they're men.

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Katabasis said...

Kerry I don't understand you. In your previous blog post you object to the objectification of the male body, and then make a sexist comment above.