Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Bees on drugs*

Forget my story about Government buildings producing more C02 emissions than Kenya, the real ‘hold the front page’ story in today’s Guardian was the revelation that scientists have discovered that bees on cocaine ‘behave like humans’. Or rather, ‘behave like humans do when they have taken cocaine’, which is marginally less interesting.

According to the Guardian, “Anyone who has spent time with cocaine users will know the symptoms… But few imagined the effects of the drug would be similar in other animals”. Well…. I wouldn’t claim to be an expert in what is undoubtedly a highly important field of scientific research, but if you’d asked me what effect cocaine would have on them I think I could have worked it out.

A while ago there was an EDM about the testing of recreational drugs on animals, calling for it to be stopped. Apparently scientists had discovered that giving rats cannabis caused an increase in appetite (presumably leading to them raiding the 24 hour garage in the early hours of the morning for packets of Monster Munch and four-bar Kit Kats).

*When questioned about his experience afterwards, a bee said, 'It was a buzz!'


Dick the Prick said...

I got stung by a few bees the other day so this thread is a bit of a sensitive subject.

£4 for a jar of honey - disgraceful.

Kerry said...

And they probably spent it all on crack.