Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Joe the plumber

Got to go into fast forward mode now, as it’s gone midnight and we’ve got an early start tomorrow. And this is already the longest blog ever….

Sunday evening we went out for something to eat, and then to the John McCain midnight rally (apparently designed to show he’s got lots of energy and doesn’t go to bed early like most 72 year olds). Stupidly I asked someone why she was wearing a ‘Joe’ sticker? (Thinking Joe Biden? At a McCain rally?) Joe the Plumber of course. There were Joe the plumber stickers everywhere., but no sign of Joe. And banners saying things like ‘Cuba voted for change in 1959, and look what happened’, and ‘We’re voting to keep our freedom, keep our guns and keep our money: you can have the change’. And a Latin American band singing songs which all seemed to go ‘McCain, McCain, McCain-McCain-McCain’. For a very, very long time.

McCain arrived on stage gone half-past-midnight. He spoke to the 10,000 strong crowd for maybe 10 minutes, though most of that was interrupted by the audience chanting ‘USA, USA’ or boo-ing whenever Obama was mentioned. Which was a lot. Cindy was there, and Joe Lieberman and apparently Kelsey ‘Frazier’ Grammer, though I didn’t see him. (We got pretty close to the stage though, maybe 10 feet away from McCain). He got fired up towards the end and the crowd went wild. And then he was gone. Was rather strange being there really – part of it, yet not really part of it.

He asked the crowd how many Venezuelan-Americans were there; quite a lot. Then how many Columbian-Americans; quite a lot. Then how many Cuban-Americans: absolutely loads. Didn’t spot any black people, and I don’t think there were many non-Hispanics either, but the latter might be more to do with the demographics of Miami-Dade county. Do they really think Obama is a commie? Don’t know.

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