Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Bob the builder

Monday was a total contrast to Sunday. The sun shone all day and we went to Ocean Drive, which is the art-deco-ish part of Miami. So, a bit more affluent, and more Hispanic than black. Still mostly Obama supporters though.

In the afternoon we were asked to do some ‘visibility’ work, which involved standing by Miami Bridge waving “Change” banners and asking motorists to ‘Honk for Obama’. Let’s just say if the election depends on cab-drivers, it’s an Obama landslide. And the bus drivers, and even an ambulance driver, who turned on his siren for us. Even the Hummer drivers seemed to like him too. Only a few rude gestures, and one guy who looked like Charlton Heston who wound down his car window and said: ‘that guy [Obama] should be in the army!’…. ‘Change? He couldn’t change a diaper’… then finally, very cross by now, surrounded by blaring horns and about 20 mad Brits waving Obama banners: “I pay taxes!”

Everyone said it reminded them of 1997, not so much because of the overwhelming support, but because of just how enthusiastic and fired-up the supporters are. And that feeling of being on the cusp of ‘change’.

Contrary to national stereotype, the Brits are much louder than the Americans, especially when it comes to shouting variations on the ‘Yes we can!’ line. ‘Can we get on the bus/ have a cookie/ cross the road/ etc, etc.’ ‘Yes we can!’ The Americans probably got fed up with that months ago.

Going to sign off now… election day tomorrow. And the battery is running out.

By the next time I blog there will be a new President (Elect). How exciting!

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