Monday, 20 October 2008

Late night shopping

Having previously used this blog to praise my good comrade Andrew Gwynne's skiing prowess, I'd been threatening all last week to reveal his recent financial embarrassment at the late-night Tesco's, when I came to his aid and lent him 97p for his milk and crumpets. The threat was obviously enough to convince Andrew it was better he broke the story himself, and he's now put it on his new blog.

He also quotes what he insists is an ancient Chinese proverb, but sounds more like the sort of thing his mum would have said to him when he was a lad: 'Speak only well of people and you need never whisper’. (I was about to attempt to render that in a Northern dialect, so it sounded more like his mum - or his mam as he probably calls her - but didn't think I could quite pull it off).

The modern version of this of course is 'Speak only well of people and you need never blog under a pseudonym'.

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Northern Lights said...

Here's a real northern proverb:

'ear all, see all and say nowt
eat all, drink all and pay nowt

and if tha ever does owt for nowt
make sure tha does it for thi sen