Monday, 20 October 2008

Certain people I know

Just got back from an informal meeting with John Denham to talk about the work of his Department (Innovation, Universities and Skills) and then dinner with David Miliband and a few others. Must have covered virtually the entire Foreign Office remit - and that of his previous department - while we were there. Talked to him about Somalia/ Somaliland, the need for a proper entry clearance post to deal with visa applications in the Punjab, Zimbabwe, the persecution of Christians in India, the US elections, climate change, whaling, fox-hunting... On which, he told us he'd been greeted by a crowd of protestors when he recently opened something in Durham. He'd braced himself for the onslaught and then realised they were actually pro-Government protestors, saying 'Don't let Cameron bring back hunting!' (Cameron has said it will be one of the first acts of a Tory government, to have a free vote on the issue, which says a lot about his priorities).

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