Sunday, 27 July 2008

Knowing me, knowing you

On Hopi Sen's blog - and yes, he confirmed to me at the weekend that his middle name really is Newmoon, because his parents were hippies, but his sister is, strangely enough, called Edith - he says he's at the NPF and expresses pleasure that some MPs have agreed to be interviewed on video for his site. I have a horrible feeling one of them might be me.

I (sort of) agreed to do so on the basis that he would edit my footage of Andrew Gwynne MP and Sarah Teather MP "cross-country ski-ing" in the Arctic. By which I mean cautiously edging one foot forward, helplessly sliding three feet back, and falling over in a heap on top of each other. Repeatedly. I have been threatening to put it on YouTube to the soundtrack of the Benny Hill Show theme. Or possibly the Banana Splits. The time may have come. I have told Andrew he has absolutely no grounds to sue.

On Tom Harris' site he lists his Top 10 blogs, and yours truly comes in at no. 7 - knocked down a few spots because I'm a 'vegetarian' supposedly... better not tell him I'm actually a vegan or I might fall out of the Top 10 altogether. Although I can't see that being a vegan is anywhere near as bad as being a Genesis fan. At no. 4 is Sadie's Tavern, which is new to me, but I like this posting. And this one. Very true and I've been tempted to say something along similar lines myself, but just can't be bothered with the comments I'd get back. Although I would just say that the piece in today's Observer was absolute.... No, I'm not going there. Not now. You can all comment on Sadie's site instead.


Glenn Vowles said...

Hey what's wrong with being a Genesis fan !??

Kerry said...

I've asked the Bristol Blogger to reply to this, but can I clarify something first: are we talking Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins here?

The Bristol Blogger said...

10 things wrong with Genesis.

1. Phil Collins
2. Phil Collins
3. 20 minute songs of mindless prog noodling about nothing
4. 'Concept albums'
5. Double 'concept albums'
5. They're hippies
6. They went to Charterhouse School. This is not rock 'n' roll
7. Their fan base consists entirely of spotty teenagers in the lower sixth
8. Their lead singer used to think it was cool to dress up as a flower
9. They were a big influence on Marillion
10. Did I mention Phil Collins?

Kerry said...

Surely Mike and the Mechanics also deserve a mention here?

Glenn Vowles said...

Surely Blogger this is mostly a list of the good things about Genesis?!?! (at least 3,4,5,5,7,8). Still, each to their own I suppose!! I wonder what the Blogger listens to?

(Kerry - I like both the Peter Gabriel and some of the earlier Phil Collins Genesis and admit that after that it mostly went downhill badly!! I'm a big fan of the solo Peter Gabriel...).

Where are all those Genesis fans who should be leaping to my defence here??

Anonymous said...

Mike and the Mechanics deserve shooting not mentioning.

And Vowlsie there's no Genesis fans to leap to your defence here because they're all Tories. Try Iain Dale?