Monday, 28 July 2008

We are underused

Must confess to indulging in a bit of "down time" today, having had a rather full-on weekend. So far I have watched some news, read the papers, exchanged texts with the office (they avoid talking to me in person whenever possible, under the pretext of 'not wanting to disturb me'), made a blueberry and banana smoothie... and not an awful lot more. Now watching Richard and Judy. Took me a rather long time to realise that 'Judy' is now Emma Bunton. Have I missed something? They are talking about why men remember useless facts (e.g. more people get killed each year by coconuts than by sharks) and have immense fun swapping such information over a pint. And their silly video clips are quite good fun.

Speaking of trivia, at Warwick there was a huge piece of artwork covering a curved wall, which linked Deep Purple trivia to a map of the constellations. I would have worked out it related to Deep Purple even if my friend Furlong hadn't told me first, but he excelled himself in knowing why Neil Diamond was in there. (Come on Bristol Blogger - answer that one without Googling!)

I expect someone somewhere is keeping a running tally of just how many days I really take off during our '75 day recess' - well this is day one, back in office tomorrow.

The news about Weston pier is of course rather upsetting. Hadn't been there since it was revamped in April, but have had some fun times there in the past with the nephews, ten-pin bowling, on the dodgems, watching Man display his amazing ability to win on those "piles of 2ps which eventually fall over the edge" machines. (Man is a nephew, not a reference to 'mankind' which would be rather pompous of me). I rather like traditional seaside towns; you have to get into the spirit and roll your trousers up and eat chips and force the kids onto donkey rides, but they're fun.

Anyway, I have set myself a few tasks today - one of which will be to update the blog links on my site, which will no doubt take ages because I'll end up reading everything. I did actually buy a copy of Iain Dale's Guide to Political Blogging a while ago, which would have made life a lot easier, but it's obviously "In The Other Flat" - McCarthy's Law: the likelihood of it being In The Other Flat, or In The Other Office will rise in direct proportion to how much you actually want or need it at that precise moment.

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