Friday, 2 April 2010

Cold brains

I do love Joaquin Phoenix. Walk the Line is one of my favourite films of recent years, one of those you have to watch when it's on telly even though you've got it on DVD (as I did only the other night). He's just done this video for PETA, "Cold-Blooded Horrors: Inside the Exotic-Skins Trade" (wish I could embed, but technology fails me). Please watch, it's powerful stuff.

I hope someone shows Samantha Cameron a copy.

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Bristol Dave said...

May be a bit late, but you can just edit the HTML of your post and copy and paste the HTML code below the video on that page.

Whilst I am a very happy carnivore and will continue to enjoy eating meat, I cannot understand why anyone would want to wear fur or animal skin. I simply do not believe that someone can tell the difference between real and fake fur, and furthermore, what does it matter? I don't really like the look of fur anyway, but I'm not a fashionista. As far as I'm concerned, fake fur: it looks furry, it feels furry, job done. Fake animal skin (I'm sure you can get it) would look/feel like real animal skin. Why this blatantly obvious fact hasn't been used as a basis for a ban on fur and animal skin trade, I'm not sure.