Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Find the River

On train on the way back to Bristol after not quite such a late night as we expected last night. We finished at about midnight, though leaving the office was somewhat delayed by one of my whip colleagues efforts to find her lost Blackberry, which we could hear vibrating but couldn't see... I eventually found it in the bin. That's the last thing you want on the cusp of an election campaign, losing your phone!

I'm now gently easing into the day by listening to REM in mellow mood on Spotify on my netbook: Wendell Gee, Fall on Me, Perfect Circle, Find the River... (Not to be morbid but that's the song I want played at my funeral. I see the press reports now.... "In a macabre twist, she blogged about her funeral only minutes before the train plunged off the track and into the ravine". Incidentally, does anyone else remember the Rob Newman routine, possibly from the Mary Whitehouse Experience, where he says that whenever he walks home late at night he always has a Crimewatch voiceover in his head, as if he's reconstructing his final moments.... "He was just minutes from his front door when the machete-wielding attacker struck him from behind"? And does anyone else do the same, or is it just me?)

Almost in Bristol now. Will be a mad dash to drop off stuff at home, grab the car, then off to meet Paul Smith (Bristol West candidate but you all know that by now) for a visit to Bristol Drugs Project. And then I'm off to a residential care home in St George to judge their Easter bonnet competition! I actually did the same five years ago, as a new candidate... how time flies! Remember, if I don't survive the experience.... Find the River it is.

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