Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Are you Experienced?

"If only I, could sell myself, the way that even, I would buy..."

In the wake of the airbrushed poster debacle - and incidentally is now claiming to be the UK's most visited politics site, with more than 500 posters submitted - news is out that the Tories are advertising for a "Brand Communications Manager" to sell Brand Cameron to an unsuspecting British public.

The new recruit will join a Brand Communications Team, reporting to someone with "overall responsibility for brand management" and her deputy.

The job advert doesn't make clear quite how many eager young Tory tots make up the rest of the team, but tells us the Brand Communications team is responsible for above-the-line advertising, design, online creative content and "experiential activity", whatever that may be. Watch out for The David Cameron Experience* coming to a town near you!

*Poster to appear on very soon no doubt. Beyond my technical skills.


jmedwards said...
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Glenn Vowles said...

Cameron Direct?

Brand Cameron (come to think of it, maybe not a bad idea...)?

Things are turning out to be Cameron maybe not so good to focus in on him so much. Mind you the alternative is the party and the policies!!

Idle Tom said...

According to the notw quite hiliarious, if most likely inaccurate, story George Osborne is quite experienced:
My david cameron have said they wont be satirising the next tory poster, knowing its had its day. Still, this hasnt the tories from making their own p-poor fake poster sites. What will be next? The posters have already been turned into a 3d game ( and other copy sites are springing up.