Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Zac gets his wallet out

This is interesting... Zac Goldsmith, tho' somewhat reluctant to dip his hand into his pocket to pay UK taxes, is more than willing to get his wallet out when it comes to funding his own election campaign.

I met up the other night with someone who has kids at school in the Richmond constituency. Zac Goldsmith paid for all the pupils in years 5 and 6 of her daughter's state primary school to attend a play on the Holocaust at a London theatre.

This is the Tory 'trickle down' approach to taxation in a nutshell; perish the thought that rich people should have to pay their fair share of taxes to fund our state education. Let them rely on the largesse of wealthy benefactors trying to buy their way into Parliament.


Hughes Views said...

Before he jumped into South West London it was rumoured that in October 2004 he made a five thousand quid donation to the South West Region's Green Party.

In 2005 he was said to be pretty popular amongst the many Greens of Stroud who were busily trying to poach votes from Mr Drew (presumably to increase the Tory candidate's chances). They seemed unperturbed that little of his wealth seems to have come from very sustainable endeavours though.

But I never listen to gossip...

Pete Goodwin said...

Point taken about Zac Goldsmith buying influence through local schools.

But don't Tesco do the same thing with their 'Computers for Schools' scheme, which you seem very happy to endorse ?

Kerry said...

I endorse it because schools get a lot of equipment (computers, cameras, sports equipment) from it. Does it have any impact on my feelings about Tesco - no, not really. They make a lot of money, they should be doing stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

Where I was a Labour coun in a Tory area in the '80s Tesco had a massive whinge about the rates they had to pay there.

We worked out that it cost them a lot less than the carrier bags they were giving away.

Free carrier bags are Tesco's idea of trickle down imho.

Bristol Dave said...

This wouldn't be the Zac Goldsmith who took out a secret censorship injuction against the UK's media?

Why yes, I believe it would. Surprising he hasn't tried to block that piece of news as well!