Monday, 14 December 2009

No-one knows who knows - but someone does

Meanwhile confusion reigns in the Cameron camp as to who exactly it is who knows all about Mr Ashcroft's tax arrangements. Allegedly someone does, and that means no-one else needs to. David Cameron says "nothing to do with me guv". Philip Hammond, Chief Sec to the Treasury said on this morning's Today programme, that Hague - Conservative leader when Ashcroft was given his peerage on condition he started paying UK tax - is the man who knows whether or not Ashcroft has regularised his tax position and is now a UK taxpayer. Hague has apparently now denied it. So who does know? And what do they know?

Hague will, incidentally, be going head-to-head with Harriet Harman on Wednesday at PMQs because Gordon will be in Copenhagen. Shame he's there to ask rather than answer the questions.

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Col Sibthorp said...

Maybe Mr Hague will ask Miss Harman a question about Lord Paul.