Sunday, 14 June 2009

Technological update

The latest news is: the laptop has a new screen, which works. It also has a new battery, which works. Although it did take me 48 hours to log on because they'd changed all the security settings. The mobile phone (i.e. the on loan phone, while the other one is in for surgery) does not work. The two varieties of cordless phones which could be used for the Bristol landline are both refusing to charge up, and can only be used if left on the base and put on speaker phone. And I can't get the plug out of the sink in the bathroom, which is one of those annoying push-down, pop-up ones. So all in all a fairly typical day.

Had an interesting chat last week with someone who will, to preserve his anonymity, henceforth be known as Stalker Boy, in view of his entirely normal and not at all weird or unnerving ability to recite vast chunks of my past blog posts on any subject you care to name. Stalker Boy was telling me what bloggers do to nudge traffic towards their sites, and to come high up on Google search engines, and the like. Something to do with people linking to you, and what sort of words and phrases you use? Something like that.

Anyway, seeing as I haven't blogged for a while, and the laptop's history has been deleted after major surgery, I had to Google my own name to find my blog. Only to find this - "what a lying slimey new labour moron you are kerry mccarthy" (see post below). Methinks perhaps I scored something of an own goal there. And may have just done it again.

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