Friday, 5 June 2009

Technological ineptitude

I'm in my constituency office in Bristol at the moment, just finishing off stuff. Lots to blog about, obviously, and have a relatively clear weekend. Although I say 'relatively' in a very relative way. Foolishly, given my four hours sleep last night, have agreed to do 8am slot on Radio Bristol tomorrow morning. In the afternoon there's a men's health event in Barton Hill and later on in the day I'm attending, but not speaking in, a debate on "Living with Environmental Change" at Bristol's Festival of Nature. But apart from that, and the emails, I'm a lady of leisure. No canvassing this weekend!

Blogging will however depend on whether I can get the office laptop connected to the internet at home, either by modem or wireless. I do not hold out much hope...

Not only have I not been able to blog much lately, I also haven't been able to read any other blogs. Lots of catching up to do! I could of course stay in the office for the rest of the evening, but have run out of oatcakes and would be quite nice to eat something else. So... if I'm offline all weekend it's because technology has once again proved a unvanquishable foe.

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