Thursday, 16 April 2009

We care a lot

Mildly interesting debate going on over at Lib Dem Voice about whether, in the event of a hung parliament, they should throw their lot in with the party which gets the highest share of the popular vote or the party which wins the highest number of seats. This might be a slightly radical concept for the party to grasp, but here's a suggestion. How about looking at the policy platform of the two main parties and see which party has policies you can broadly support? Or which one has policies to which you absolutely and violently object? Stop wittering on about the political process, and make a decision on principle for a change.

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Hughes Views said...

Having witnessed recent Lib Lab coalitions on Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucester City Council and being old enough to remember the Lib Lab pact in the late 1970s, I hope Labour would opt for opposition rather than any form of alliance with the unreliable, policy-lite, opportunistic Liberal Democrat party.

As Tony Blair put it in 2005 they’re "street fighters in local politics. Utterly unserious on the national stage."