Thursday, 16 April 2009

He's a mighty good leader*

Nick Clegg was apparently cleaning windows in my constituency yesterday. He said 'I'm not pretending that coming to clean a few windows is going to change people's lives'.

*Beck. I could of course have gone with Loser, 'In a town of chimpanzees I was a monkey', but that would have been cruel and unwarranted. And I'm saving it for someone else.


Dave H said...

That video footage has been heavily edited to give a competely misleading impression. The uncut, original video is on YouTube. What you don't see is that the first part of each encounter has been excised.

I’m surprised that a professional politician was na├»ve enough to fall for it.

The edited footage dishonestly suggests that the photo is shown to randomly chosen ‘men in the street'.

In fact they only used Lib Dem supporters.

September said...

A bit obvious, but I would have gone with 'Who Are You?' or 'When I'm Cleaning Windows'

Bevanite said...
at least he impressed someone.

Dave H said...

Just saw this elsewhere and, with appropriate modification, felt it was apposite here:

"Of course, that does raise the old philosphical chestnut: if a Lib Dem silently keels over in the woods, is he actually dead?..."

('not sure if Dave H. was joking' Streuth...)