Wednesday, 22 April 2009

She's like a rainbow (2)

Trying green and purple now, after Paul and bevanite complained about the blue. I was just scrolling quickly past the list of tags that I've added to this page, and all I glimpsed was 'Keanu Reeves', 'Marlon Brando', 'Michael Fabricant'... Every girl's dream trio.

Postscript. Sorry, didn't like the green. The blue is much nicer. Why should we let the devil have all the best colours?


Bevanite said...

ok, we can take the colour and own it. like the suffragettes.

timbone said...

Thanks Kerry (nearly called you Kez and felt a block coming on) that green was just not you.

Kerry said...

Kez, Kezza... people do that. I don't object.