Thursday, 23 April 2009

The change we don't need

Conservative Future.... more than a little weird.


Bevanite said...

Now Kerry, will we have to rethink previous post's 'dream trio' suggestion? Think these four may be contenders for the crown. (leave you to decide who just misses out - that's a toughie)

Topper said...

It's the four horse-men of the Conservative apocolypse: Greedy, Greasy, Posho and Etonian.

Ps. Kerry: like the new troll tolerance count.

DaveA said...

Lucky it was not me there too.


Paul said...

They look like bloggers to me

Sadie Smith said...

This was originally on Tory Bear wasn't it?

The colleague and I were commenting on his Hot Researcher of the Week thing that whilst all the female contenders were very hot, inclusion on the shortlist if you're male is dependent merely upon not have a second forehead growing out of your chin and bearing only the slightest of resemblances to the Elephant Man.