Monday, 27 April 2009

Rhinestone Cowboy

Friends of the Earth are launching the next stage of their Food Chain campaign tomorrow, see the site for more details, but it's basically about how UK taxpayers are inadvertently funding the destruction of the rainforest by propping up the EU's industrialised farming system. For the launch tomorrow they've invited MPs along for a photo-op which involves one of those bucking broncos. And yes I am going to have a go. And if there's a ridiculous photo, I will post it.

I assume it's going to be in Parliament Square, but that's more or less occupied by Tamil campaigners at the moment, including the hunger striker, so not sure it would be quite right.


westcoast2 said...

How do you decide on the titles for your blogs? Using song titles is interesting, though sometimes I struggle to match song title to blog.

In this case the image of either 1) Glen Campbell on a horse or 2) Bob Anderson - dart player - come to mind rather than rain forests.

Anyways the CAP needs amending and has for a while and here is some more interesting reading on sunspots (and lack of warming)

link --> Independant: Missing Sunspots

Kerry said...

Rhinestone cowboy is about rodeo - 'rising out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo' - so I thought it was quite appropriate to the photo-op. I lasted 34 seconds by the way - better than John Gummer, and equalising with Jeremy Corbyn.

Sometimes I'm wilfully obscure because I can't actually think of anything approprate.

And thanks for the link.

Kerry said...

"Rising out on a horse?" What on earth am I on about? I meant riding of course.

Kerry said...

"There'll be a load of compromisin', on the road to my horizon, but I'm gonna be where the lights are shining on me"

Just thought I'd throw that in.

Kerry said...

And I meant appropriate, too. I blame the hayfever.