Monday, 27 April 2009

Just me moaning about things

In the library in Portcullis House. I seem to have finally persuaded the parliamentary IT people that my 'repaired' phone (back from the manufacturers after a month's intensive care) is not working. It took two visits and much explanation on my part of the fact that (a) there is no signal and (b) you can't make or receive calls or texts, which I think would fit most people's definition of 'not working', but we had to have much consultation and expert furrowing of brows before it was confirmed. Am now trying to persuade them that it's not worth sending it away again to be repaired. I'm now plonked in a corner looking at emails while the guy sets up my 'temporary' replacement, which I might not let them have back.

Spotted on my trips to and fro - Diane Abbott and Moira Stewart deep in conversation over a coffee.

More on buses in the BEP today; the Lib Dem seems to be saying that the problem is that the bus drivers don't smile enough. They don't smile, they can't spell... Although Cllr Rogers then comes back in on the comments to say it's a symptom, not a cause. Fair enough (fare enough?) but doesn't really get us very far, does it? Like the buses really....


Bevanite said...

Was Diane getting some advice on how to fill in her tax forms?

Doesn't have to be taxing you know.

Anonymous said...

ooh i saw them too ^_^

PICT are always like that. next time you're there, ask them why MPs can't have blackberries like MSPs. they hate that. (they probably will bring in blackberries sometime next year... by which time everyone will want iPhones anyway...)

Dave H said...

Re. Moans

In view of the topic currently being discussed over there, is it wise to be live scrolling LabourHome on your blog? It could be interpreted as an act of disloyalty.

Those in the public eye may fear the assassin's bullet. Don't overlook the danger of a speeding Nokia!

(As a sad git, I once worked out the minimum velocity an 80 gram mobile would need to achieve lethal energy, as defined by current firearms legislation. From memory(!?) it was 20m/sec or thereabouts, easily achievable by throwing. Watch out Kerry!).

(p.s. don't look at the comments the piece is getting either. You'd be a party to Operation Valkyrie)

Dave H said...

Mmm... I may have fallen for an Iain Dale hoax.

You'd have* ignored that last comment, please ignore it a bit more.

*Can't shorten 'you would have' you'd've doesn't look right.

Kerry said...

Off topic, but I'm feeling tolerant. As I've mentioned on here fairly recently, I think LabourHome has potential but I don't think it's a 'must read' blog - and therefore I usually don't.

Kerry said...

Oops, too late - I guess that's proof I didn't bother checking out the site either...

BTW - it's LabourList that's scrolling on this site, not Labour Home.