Thursday, 16 April 2009

Aphid manure heist

So we're getting cows on Stoke Park and now goats in the Avon Gorge. What's next? Donkeys in the Council House? ((c) The Bristol Blogger, even though I have no idea whether he's ever said it or not.)

One of the comments runs thus:

"After the kerfuffle about the cows on Stoke Park and how they might cause global warming by breaking wind, I hope that Glenn Vowles and his vegan mates don't get to hear about this otherwise they'll get in a right panic."

This follows a front page splash from the BEP which I blogged about here and an exclusive from the Bristol Blogger which should perhaps be compulsory reading for the new residents in Avon Gorge. And then another annoying BEP story which I didn't get round to blogging about at the time, that "despite protests from vegan groups" the herd of cows in Stoke Park was getting the go ahead. Those 'vegan groups' would be Timbo the vegan DJ and... ermm, who, precisely?

Anyway, it looks like Glenn is now firmly fixed in the mind of the Bristol Evening Post reader as Public Vegan Enemy Number One, despite the fact he eats meat.

As another of the readers says:

"More evidence of the 'nanny' state?

I'll get me goat..."

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