Saturday, 28 March 2009

Cows - a follow up

I was obviously feeling far too mellow when I wrote my first piece. Now I've done whatever the opposite is of 'mellowed' and I'm more than a little cross, not least because I've since been to the newsagents and seen that this non-story graces the entire front page of today's BEP. So here's my letter to the editor. Let's see if it makes Monday's edition.

"I was very disappointed to see the front page of Saturday's 'Evening Post' ('Pull the Udder One'). The link between the livestock industry and climate change is a serious issue, accepted by many people, from the UN and Al Gore down. I raised this in Parliament last week because I believe the facts demand action, whether that be the farming industry exploring ways in which emissions can be reduced or individuals who are concerned about the environment choosing to limit their meat consumption, in the same way that others are choosing to use their cars less or take fewer flights.

It is simply irresponsible journalism, however, to conflate this issue with the story about Bristol City Council's proposal to keep a herd of cows on Stoke Park. As I made clear in my contribution to that piece, the appearance of another 100 or so cows in the Bristol area is neither here nor there when it comes to the question of global warming. The fact that only one vegan (not 'vegans' as your strapline suggested) was found who would condemn the proposal on those grounds speaks for itself.

Whether keeping a herd of cows is a sensible project for the Council to embark upon is another matter. I, for one, would suggest their energies might be better expended in sorting out the buses and fly-tipping, and I think most council tax payers would agree. When can we expect to see serious proposals put forward by the Council for a Quality Bus Contract so that we can bring in real competition to First Bus, and an Integrated Transport Authority for the Bristol area? The Government has done its bit, giving local authorities new powers under the Local Transport Act. Now it's time for the Council to do the job that council tax payers are actually paying it to do.

Kerry McCarthy MP."


Glenn Vowles said...

Yes, well said Kerry. It seems we cant expect the Evening Post to deal with certain issues responsibly. Perhaps they've just gone for what they think is a headline that will raise flagging sales a bit??

I sent the Post a fair bit of background and factual information to put the issue in context. They used a brief quote from me. None of the background/factual stuff was used.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's a struggle to work out who's the most completely bonkers isn't it?

The Bristol Evening Post or Bristol City Council?

Where does this city find these people?

Remember Remember said...

So you'd rather a herd of cows wasn't born in the first place. Every cow not eaten is a cow that won't be born at all, unless you want everyone to have a pet one?
Veggies are a laugh, if people don't eat farm animals, the animals will never be alive, will they! You must hate them.

spam-me said...

Good for you, Kerry.