Saturday, 28 March 2009

Less is more

Do you ever walk round a supermarket and just feel totally overwhelmed by it all? By the choice, by the variety, by the tiny little differences in price or packaging or ingredients between each brand? Just switched on the TV and there's an advert for some kind of fancy Pringles deluxe brand, in fancy little bags and in fancy little flavours ... Pringles are Pringles, they should be in tubes so deep you get your hand stuck in them. We don't need fancy Pringles. (Although we do need a vegan version of the sour cream and onion ones).

Obviously there's a commercial motive behind this. Once you've maximised your 'bogstandard' Pringles customer base and established the brand, you start looking at ways of selling the same kind of thing for far more money. But it's all... just a bit much, isn't it? I find myself longing for the simple life.


timbone said...

Maybe it would be a lot better if everything was put in plain packaging.

Anonymous said...

that's nice for you - when I walk round the supermarket I'm overawed more by how I can't afford nothing and the apples are all from France and cost 40p each at best.

Ah well, the life of a pleb i suppose, luckily successive governments are successding in foisting ascetic living upon people so I lookf orward to finding this state of affairs normal...

Using the peoples money to tell them to eat the five fruit and veg a day they can't afford whilst finegaling within a common agricultural policy to keep prices high, profits rising, and our productive capacity barren... it's incredibly efficient work on the part of corporate consitiuents.

now off for some oats and water...yay