Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Jeremy Kyle Fan Club

I've finally got round to blogging for Labour List, on my Ten Minute Rule Bill. (Protection of Privacy of Children in the media).


The Grim Reaper said...

At least you weren't having a go at websites that are a million times better than DraperList for being "racist".

One of the better things on there. More please, Miss K.

Bristol Dave said...

Here, Kerry, you like to be down with the kids - this is why I'm not impressed with LabourList.

Kerry said...

I guess you have to have sound to 'get' it... and I don't on this laptop. One of those things I'm going to get round to fixing one day.

What do you reckon has been the impact of DD's spat with ID on LabourList's 'name recognition' factor, and its stats? Just a thought...

Bristol Dave said...

Kerry - you do indeed need sound. It's actually pretty well done for something someone's probably knocked together in their bedroom.

If you have time, post the problems you're having with the sound on your laptop and I'm sure us IT-minded people will be able to fix it.

Bristol Dave said...

On your question, I think the impact of the spat resulted largely in ID coming out on top, and I'm not sure that's just my anti-Derek bias.

Derek made the mistake in making a big thing of Ian Dale's "racism" - I think people from both sides got tired of it. Lyrics from that youtube track:

"...running round trying label Ian Dale a racist,
and that's typical of the left,
wearing out the word,
save it for the BNP,
don't make it absurd"

I think it's probably improved "name recognition" of LabourList, but for all the wrong reasons. Yeah, yeah, there's no such thing as bad publicity, right?

I rather think not when it comes to politics.

Kerry said...

Thanks for the offer Dave, but I don't think it's so much that I 'have a problem' with sound, but that I don't have it. Got a new laptop after being burgled, and it came with Vista installation stuff, and that doesn't seem to include sound.

The Grim Reaper said...

Kerry said "What do you reckon has been the impact of DD's spat with ID on LabourList's 'name recognition' factor, and its stats?"

It's probably resulted in more people visiting LabourList to laugh at Dolly. And in these difficult economic times, who could blame them? We all need someone to make fun of.

pagar said...
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