Saturday, 21 February 2009

BristolMatters on Twitter

Can I recommend BristolMatters on Twitter? Really good way of keeping up with local news. And yes, I'm still in Lusaka, heading to airport pretty soon, but have just been reading about the chance that other companies might compete with First to run the city's high speed bus network. Which can only be a good thing.

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Bristol Dave said...

An operator other than FirstBus would be fantastic, but I worry that it won't happen. Sure, there will be a tendering process, and the different operators will submit their bids, and then it will be awarded to First anyway, because that's how these things go, especially with Bristol City Council.

Also, the buses in the WoEP's BRT literature have got First livery all over them so it looks like they've made up their minds anyway.

I'm also disappointed about another "Woohoo, the BRT is coming" news story that fails to mention the congestion charge that will come with it, and Cllr Mark Bradshaw's breathtaking arrogance when it comes to denying the people of Bristol a referendum or say on whether we get one or not.