Saturday, 3 January 2009

Representations from MPs on Gaza

Thought people might want to see the statement on Gaza being signed by MPs, and the letter to David Miliband. For reasons previously explained on here, I'm not signing either but making my own representations in my own way.


Israel’s continuing massive military strikes on Gaza are an outrage that the international community must not allow to continue. Palestinian rocket attacks which traumatise the lives of communities in Southern Israel are also utterly unacceptable. Both sides must cease fire.

Israel’s actions are disproportionate and counter productive to achieving either security for the people of Israel or peace in the Middle East. Physicians for Human Rights (Israel) have warned that “targeting of civilians and of medical facilities is a breach of international humanitarian law. The targets chosen by the Israeli military include also clearly civilian installations.”

Gaza is one of the poorest and most densely populated places on earth. For the last two years, the blockade and previous Israeli strikes had already disrupted electricity supplies and access to clean water. Even before the current attack, Gaza’s health system was near collapse. Hospitals are short of medicines, blood and essential equipment. Only half of Gaza’s 58 ambulances are functioning.

We call on the international community, and especially the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to intervene to stop the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Gaza. We call for an immediate ceasefire by all parties and for an embargo on the supply of military equipment to both sides. The international community must also assert unambiguously that there is no military route to peace in the Middle East and redouble its efforts to create a secure and independent state of Palestine alongside a secure and independent Israel."

"Dear David

Three hundred people have lost their lives in Gaza over the last three days. In any conflict and any battle in today’s world such a wide scale loss of life would be met with deep despair and a sense of failure.

We are writing together with the new organisation Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East to thank you for your clear statement that the number of lives lost in Gaza over the last few days is unacceptable. We fully support your call for a cessation of violence and ask that you also make a statement as soon as Parliament resumes. We will be calling for an urgent debate, which I hope you will support, to enable the voice of the House of Commons to be heard.

The Israeli Defence Force has entered Gaza with extreme force and without apparent concern or apology for the loss of civilian life. We urge you to endorse the statement by the UN Secretary General that the Israeli government’s actions are "excessive". On Monday, the UN estimated the number of deaths at 320, of whom 62 were women and children, against two deaths on the Israeli side. Estimates that are more recent have put the death toll at 347 with more than 800 wounded.

This development is deeply concerning both in itself and in the longer term. We believe that there can be no military solution and would further suggest that excessive military force of this kind is bound to be counterproductive and will inevitably sharpen the sense of injustice in the region.

The conflict in Gaza should not be seen in isolation. We are concerned by the continuing expansion of settlements in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, by the confiscation of Palestinian land, by the proliferation of checkpoints and by other restrictions on Palestinian movement. In relative terms, the West Bank is peaceful at present, but further tensıons are being stoked up which could foreseeable overspill into violence.

As we enter this bleak period, probably the most dangerous since 1967, we ask you to send a clear signal from this country that excessive and disproportionate military force is counterproductive and will not resolve the conflict.

Yours sincerely...."


Remember Remember said...

No good telling Davey Zioband, he's a Labour friend of Israel.
(How can foreign ministers be so blatantly partial?)

The best he'll ever do is preserve the status quo, which means continuing the thin lie that Israel wants a two state solution, which they crystal-clearly don't.

The fact that GB would be far better off being friends of those who have oil and 1.2 Billion followers matters not to a Zionist with his puny foreign colony at heart ueber alles.

Kerry said...

I almost didn't let this through, as I think the references are quite offensive.

I don't believe David is a Zionist, in fact I've been impressed by his thoughtful and intelligent responses on Middle East issues during FCO Qs and debates since he became Foreign Sec. There's a link on his blog to his latest statements, interviews.

Terry said...

Lennox, Galloway etc marching. Where's their march for the continuing victims of the butcher Mugabe? Where are all the mass protests about this monster? Hang your heads in shame Lennox and Galloway and all others condemning Israel but ignoring the monster Mugabe. It amazes me that propaganda can influence people to support the aggressor, for those who don't know who that is, it's HAMAS.

Anonymous said...

Of course David Miliband isn't a Zionist. It's just that some people are only able to view this conflict in terms of extremist narratives. The very narratives that do most to fuel the conflict in fact.

The comparison of Israel to Nazi Germany is not in the slightest bit offensive by the way. It's just desperate and pathetic.

Chris Gale said...

The whole situation would end tomorrow if the US said to Israel you don't get another cent until you obey international law. Sadly I don't think thats going to happen even under the new President as he has the staunch pro Israeli Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff.
What disturbs me about this whole situation and the way world is going is that most of it all comes back to religion.On all sides they are taking the world to hell in a basket for their fantasy and bigoted nonsense.
Bill Maher sums it up perfectly at the end of his excellent documentary here:

Remember Remember said...

My judgement on D.Z. stems from the Georgia-Russia spat and is only reinforced by what he says in your link.

Forever pandering to a small religious colony (Israel) that is a huge permanent thorn in the world's side, was formed on racist principles by definition (and by terrorists) and has almost zilch to offer beyond a barrage of propaganda and manipulation, is lunacy.

The west should be getting closer to the 1.2 Billion Muslims instead of forever pandering to a comparative handful of zionist extremists who are a faction of the few Million world Jewry in general anyway.
Just about the biggest offering of peace we could muster would be to bring despot Israel under control, by ANY means, not just pathetic ineffective huffing.
Boycott Israel and reduce it's influence over the west.

As far as GB Politicans are concerned, membership of a "... Friends of Israel" club should be frowned upon for a start.

(In my strong opinion, not necessarily Kerry's...)

Old Holborn said...

Throwing shoes at Gordon Brown is not going to bring peace to the middle east - unfortunately

Firing home made rockets at waste ground is not going to bring peace to the middle east.

Keeping 1.5 million people in a prison camp with F-16's, tanks and Apache helicopters is not going to bring peace to the middle east.

As I think we can all agree that Israel is not going to change Judaisms claim to be God's chosen people and Israel to be God's Land, so we will need another solution.

Here it is -

Oil exporting countries. Export not one more drop to ANYONE until BOTH sides have an agreement and are happy with it.

Western Governments - Not ONE PENNY for any bank, credit institution or Hedge Fund bailout until BOTH sides have an agreement and are happy with it.

Consumers - Don't pay your credit card bill this month until both sides have an agreement and are happy with it.

Sorted. Watch how fast.

Old Holborn said...

Isn't David Milliband Jewish?

That'll help.

old and angry said...

To hell with "Disproportionate".
Where were you and your ilk when Hamas rockets were raining down on Israel.
The sooner Israel nuke the whole wasteland the better!

Terry said...


Please don't moderate, messages and responses are delayed until you are available. You have stifled debate and ruined your blog.

Guthrum said...

Don't agree with you on much, but having worked in Israel and the middle east, both sides have got to stop using killing as a means to a political end.

Without the influence that Israel exerts in Whitehall and Wshington, they would not dare create a latter day ghetto and then bomb the hell out of it.

Whitehall must break with Washington over their support, as they did when we invaded Suez.

Remember Remember said...

Most people are utterly and naively unaware about the sheer scale of how much Israel fanatics do to further their cause.
The killings and human rights violations are just the final symptom.

In GB, any politician who is a member of zionist organisations like "... Friends of Israel" is a supporter of religious racism, institutional terrorism and blatant bias. Any member of such an organisation is not fit for office.

Dick the Prick said...

Why is it anyone's business? We're hardly in any position to lecture anyone thanks to the smashing Iraq idea and the wonderfully brilliant Suez fiasco.

Terry said...

Remember Remember

Let's have your criticism of Mugabe. You sound like a total freak.

Anonymous said...

"The whole situation would end. Sadly I don't think thats going to happen even under the new President as he has the staunch pro Israeli Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff."

I see we've got our evil and manipulative Jewish bogeyman-elect for the new US administration then.

No doubt we'll be hearing plenty over the next 8 years about how the whole Israel/Palestine conflict is being secretly managed by him and any other White House staffer who happens to be Jewish.

Remember Remember said...

It's your sheer lack of knowledge and about international politics that makes replying to you rather futile.

Mugabe is a Crackpot, but small fry compared to the zionists, who have their followers in virtually all western governments, the media and finance.

You really have no inkling of how utterly duped you are by sheer barrage of propaganda espouted by them. Ever wondered why the IDF shoot at journalists in Gaza and why they have banned them from there?

Pitting Goyim like you against their enemies is how they survive and profit.

Remember Remember said...

Hey "old and angry", West Bank Palestinians don't fire rockets at all and they have to put up with crimes from the Israelis all the time too.
So much for for they "If they didn't lob gas cylinders..." mantra.

Chris Gale said...

Err no Bristol blogger, I was just pointing out that given the strong links of an ardent pro Israeli so close to Obama then its hardly likely things will change.It was a political point.
Obama has made his pro Israeli stance quite clear anyway. American foreign policy does not really change whoever is in power.
The whole thing is mad, driven by religious fanatics on both sides, right wing Christians in the US whose power base in both parties (yes the dems have plenty too) will always side with Israel and on the other out and out mediaeval jihadists of Hamas which is funded and armed by the Iranians who execute gay people and think Hitler was a great guy. It is a bloody stain on humanity that these people are causing some much innocent lives to be lost on all sides.

Kerry said...

Spending much of Christmas/ New Year with young folk serves as a reminder that 'but he started it!' is not always a good enough excuse. And that applies to both sides.

Terry said...

Remember Remember

You are nothing short of a NAZI. You are the real problem.

Kerry said...

Now Terry, I know every panto must have its comedy villain, and you fulfil the role very well, but can we have less of the name-calling?

Terry said...


Branding members of near enough all governments as Zionists is sick, surprised you allowed member to slip that one through. I consider the plight of Zimbabwe serious, many have died, children drinking fron infested puddles, torture, murder, member and others turn a blind eye. I wonder why?

Kerry said...

Well Zionist isn't necessarily a pejorative term - some people are proud to identify as such, and would refute any suggestion that zionism = racism. And it's pretty difficult to discuss Israel/ Palestine without mentioning zionism. Whereas I don't think references to Nazis are at all helpful. And I don't think it's fair to accuse anyone of not caring about Zimbabwe just because attention is focused on Gaza at the moment. This post isn't about Mugabe.

Terry said...


Zimbabwe has been a problem for an age, has there been marches? Mugabe is laughing his socks off. No one cares, DO THEY??

Terry said...


Another point, please answer truthfully. If Rockets were directed at Russia, what do you think they would do? As seen with Georgia the Russians don't listen, so where were all the marches? Sorry Kerry this is a witch hunt.

Kerry said...

Isn't the difference that virtually everyone is unanimous in their feelings about Mugabe, and therefore there is not really the same need or desire to stage mass protests to bring those feelings to public attention? It doesn't mean people don't care. And I don't think it's particularly helpful to debate this simply by drawing comparisons with other conflicts - seems like an excuse for inaction to me, i.e. we didn't do anything about X, or we let Y get away with Z, therefore it would be exercising double-standards to seek to intervene in this instance. Ditto references to past misadventures in Iraq or Suez - where does it get us? Nowhere.

Remember Remember said...

Hey Terry, you really are clueless. Georgia had 1000 Israeli military advisors help point ordnance against Russia (Ossetia). The even wanted the EU and NATO protecting them. Classic zionist ploy, pitting others against their enemies, haven't you twigged yet? And yes, the Russkis are Israel's "enemies" because many Jews are converts from the Georgia-Ukraine region.
The old "anti-semite nazi" cliche is getting so worn out. It makes me laugh on here but if anybody dares use it on me in real life, I'll have them for slander.

Anonymous said...

"Well Zionist isn't necessarily a pejorative term - many would refute any suggestion that zionism = racism."

Possibly. But some people on here need to remember that while perhaps not all anti-Zionists are anti-Semites the corollary to that is that all anti-Semites are anti-Zionists ...

Talk of global conspiracies, Nazism, goyim etc tells its own story.

Terry said...


What a hypocrite you are. People are sick and tired of viewpoints being expressed as racism, enter REMEMBER with this earlier statement.

Remember wrote

Friends of Israel" is a supporter of religious racism, institutional terrorism and blatant bias.

Everyone is sick of your ilk and the racist card.

The reason I call you a Nazi is due to your comments of hate on here.

Kerry said...

Can we draw a line under this name-calling please?

Remember Remember said...

BristolBog: When other minority sections of western society are as represented as zionists are, I'll believe they don't exert too much influence. Until then it's not even a conspiracy, it's blatant manipulation of the democratic process by a tiny minority.
Check a Satellite view of Gaza. It's crystal clear that the Israelis want to make conditions so adverse there that people leave. Ethnic cleansing by attrition.
Don't forget that Israel still occupies their other properties against UN mandates. You don't really think they are going to give that back, do you? Any supporter of Israel supports ethnic cleansing, defiance to UN resolutions, uncontrolled nuclear armament and crimes against humanity.

Terry said...

Kerry wrote

Isn't the difference that virtually everyone is unanimous in their feelings about Mugabe, and therefore there is not really the same need or desire to stage mass protests to bring those feelings to public attention?

So what's being done then? Where was Annie Lennox? Oh dear, sorry Kerry, forgot about upsetting the African Nations.

Anyone who watched Louis Theroux in Johannesburg will have witnessed a lawless state. The South African govt are allowing it's poor people to rotand murder each other. Paid vigilante groups everywhere. Oops musn't talk about these things must we.

Kerry said...

Terry, you're talking nonsense and killing this thread. Please stick to the topic. If you want to know what action is being taken re Zimbabwe and other African countries, a quick look at the FCO or DFID websites should do the trick, but it's not relevant to this post.

Terry said...


The relevance is simple, people take a biased attitude towards murder and mayhem. Iraq was about oil, sorry meant Saddam Hussein. Lies were drawn up to convice the public. With Mugabe politicians bluster while he scoffs at them. Reading about Gaza would lead one to believe it's the only problem in the world.

Old Holborn said...

Until the Palestinians get some of their land back, an airport, a port to export from and half of the weapons the Israelis are currently flattening them with, there will be no peace.

If the Welsh did the same to me, I'd be throwing a lot more than fireworks over the fence. As it is they charge a fiver to cross the bridge.