Friday, 2 January 2009

Question everything

Have just been looking at Paul Flynn's blog. He remembers more about his trip to Barcelona in 1955 than I do about spending the millennium there. (By which I mean New Year's Eve 1999, not an entire millennium. Obviously).

Tom Watson mentioned Eric Pickles' blog on his, so I had a quick look. Mr P. is boasting of having asked 2,190 parliamentary questions last year. He says he topped the poll, by which he means he came third. I'd be quite happy on that basis for his party to 'top the poll' at the next General Election. (Average cost to the taxpayer of a parliamentary question? I was going to tell you, but then came across this site. If they can't tell you, I certainly can't).

Mr Pickles also provides a link to which actually takes you to this site, with its slogan 'what you need, when you need it', which in this case seems to be naughty nursery rhymes, Iranian women, older women, real estate training, ringtones - and Eric Pickles. A prize for anyone who can reveal the hidden connection.


labourparty said...

If you can remember Barcelona in 1955 you weren't really there! No wait, that's the '60s. Damn.

labourparty said...

As websites for MPs go, Eric Pickles has just about the worst I've ever seen. Clearly he spends no money at all on that, which either shows he's frugal, tight, or clueless. (You decide!)

This is crying out for a caption competition:

Steven_L said...

How do they account for those PQ costs then?

Being important, you probably don't get to see what people do when no-one important is in the room.

If they weren't working on PQ's they'd just be chatting, reading the newspaper or plotting how to give you lot the run around.

Worse still they might even be dreaming up some bizarre policy to foist on us.