Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Excuses for not blogging

Busy, busy, busy week. Today started with a meeting with the Teenage Magazine Advisory Panel (which gave me an opportunity to embarrass the 18 year old intern by sending him out to buy Sugar and More), then PMQs, then the Simon Mayo Show (joined by Harriet Harman down the line and a perky Alan Duncan), then meeting the Labour Party's new International Officer, voting and some stuff for Douglas on Gaza, then a pre-record for BBC News about a rape case in Bristol and a phone call with a Guardian journo about child poverty, then some more votes. And about 300 emails (and they're just the ones that come to me first, rather than the staff). Yesterday I met Action for Prisoners Families, asked a couple of questions of Hazel Blears at CLG questions, but spent most of the day on Gaza. Monday was Gaza, Gaza, Gaza.

Might blog properly tomorrow, but have too much to do tonight.


Remember Remember said...

What's an "international officer" ???
(And how much does it pay?)

Kerry said...

Deals with our relationships with sister parties. And none of your business. It's Labour Party money, not Government.