Friday, 5 December 2008

What is the point of the Lib Dems? (A theme revisited)

Lifted from the Lib Dems website: Can you sum up the purpose of the Lib Dems in a sentence? (Lib Dems? Purpose? Purpose? Lib Dems? No, you've got me there.)

Some of my favourite comments:

"Lib Dems - they believe in delivering leaflets."

"I would say that if we were a supermarket we’d be Waitrose"

"Waitrose, isn’t their current slogan “Because you deserve Waitrose”? Could we nick it?"

"Voting Liberal Democrat: a way for the middle classes to feel comfortable about abstaining."

"Liberalism - we moan, so you don’t have to."

"Liberal Democrats - well, you wouldn’t want a Tory, would ya?"

"Liberal Democrats are NEITHER one thing, NOR the other, but SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN."

"For one week a month I monitor all my media junkie imput. Every time a Lib Dem spokesperson on the news calls for extra state spending ( double points if it's the primary solution to a problem) or more government action (double points for primary legislation) I chalk up a point. The score is always high. This begs the question. Does a slogan have to reflect what our core beliefs are or what we actually campaign on ?"


Leviathan said...

Are you planning to have them killed?

Mike said...

Perhaps a focus on policies rather than this silliness?
The fact is that Labour, Liberal and Tory are all party of the same machine which churns out the same discredited keep the masses in their place tosh.
New Labour, which you are part of, is hardly a bastion of integrity and decency.

westcoast2 said...

Sometimes it is said that Conservative and Labour are two sides of the same coin. If so, could the Liberals be the edge of the coin?

If so then what is the purpose of the edge (apart from playing neat riffs)?

To keep the sides of the coin together?
To keep the sides of the coin apart?
To run around the outside?

Change please....

Remember Remember said...

Arrest them and take their DNA. Then make them carry ID cards so they can be tracked.

Oh whooops, that'll happen to all of us, it's not even considered a punishment.

*I* consider the taking of DNA of an innocent person equivalent to RAPE.

The mere fact that you are childish enough for playground "my gang is better than theirs" games while the economy crashes around you, proves that there is no point to you.

Kerry said...

I believe I have a duty to point out their pointlessness.

Mike, I don't tend to use the term New Labour, we're the Labour Party. But I could give you a long list of Labour MPs whose integrity I admire and respect, and who are very decent people. Starting at the very top of the party.

timbone said...

westcoast2, haha that analogy was both clever and funny.
By the way, you asked for change, here is your Nickleback...

Old Holborn said...

"I could give you a long list of Labour MPs whose integrity I admire and respect, and who are very decent people. Starting at the very top of the party."

Off you go then.

I will expose each and every one to be a liar or worse, quoting sources. I will show you who pays their bills, how much they spend on second homes, how much they fiddle, what hypocrites they are, what laws they pass whilst breaking them themselves and how much they hold the people who voted for them and more that didn't, in utter contempt.

Ready when you are.

timbone said...

ooo can you do one for me OH. How about smiler Brown?

Northern Lights said...

To paraphrase Blackadder:

A Lib Dem is like a dog who speaks Norwegian - pointless

Kerry said...

OH speaks Norwegian, doesn't he?

Northern Lights said...

I bet he does, but I'd still rather talk to the dog - the conversation would be much more intelligent

Paul said...

Lib Dems

exist to bring nasty personal attacks into politics (but to always seen to be the nice party) - how do they do it.

To make more promises than trotskyites

To run councils for a term (before they are found out)

To tell labour voters they are left wing and tory voters they are right wing

to elect Nick Clegg as a leader