Friday, 5 December 2008

MPs on YouTube

Why do people assume that if I don't blog for a while it's an avoidance tactic? Fact is, on Fridays there's just not the time. The ITV folk who interviewed me today (for next week's The West this Week, a piece on MPs' use of new media) had also interviewed David Heathcote-Amory, who'd said he didn't blog or have a website as 'he preferred to spend the time out and about meeting his constituents'. So if I'm caught wandering the streets of east Bristol at midnight, looking for some voters to talk to, you'll know I've taken his advice to heart.

The ITV folk also asked about YouTube - apparently my Lib Dem neighbour is on it. (I know he used to have a scary video on his website which started talking when you least expected it). And the award-winning Derek Wyatt not only has Derek Wyatt TV but is on YouTube too.

I'm yet to be convinced...


Old Holborn said...

"So if I'm caught wandering the streets of east Bristol at midnight,"

I dare you. Not in a cop car, just you. And a laptop if you like.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend's, brother's ex-wife's mum was married to Heathcote-Amory's brother.

Toseers. Very rich, old money ones mind.

timbone said...

aww go on Kerry. Get a cheap cam from Argos and make some little vids for youtube. Not serious ones, talk about some of the funny things you mention on here sometimes. Use a different name, and make friends with dorm2003, I promise he won't tell anyone who it really is, well, maybe the dog, but she doesn't leak information to the press.