Sunday, 7 December 2008

Scumbag oinks

Just logged onto parliamentary email, which I usually do Sunday nights, just to try to clear the decks a bit before I'm back in Westminster.

220 new emails, although quite a lot of them were blog comments alerts. And this gem, which seems to have been sent to all Labour MPs, or at least all of them beginning with M and not called Miliband:

"Labour backbenchers, scumbag oinks, blood sucking parasites

Defect from Labour now or I will hurt you and your consituencies.


She did actually give a name, but I thought it would be wrong to publish it. No idea what we've done to upset her, or quite how she is going to hurt me or my constituency, or who she wants us to defect to... but she has a way with words, doesn't she?

1 comment:

timbone said...

This is not an attempt to resurrect a debate on a particular subject. It is just that I noticed a similarity in the vitriol of the comment you mentioned. In my particular case, it is when I have been in discussion, usually on a newspaper online article about smoking - pubs or fostering for example.
Don't you wonder though what kind of person does that kind of textual assault. It could be your placid next door neighbour for all you know. These kind of comments don't have substance though do they, in fact, they can even be beneficial, because the reader looks at you and what you represent, and compares it with them.