Sunday, 7 December 2008

Going down with the ship

So my ability to predict the X Factor winner has been proved wrong yet again. Doing a Dido song when you already have an annoying voice is really asking for it though. Meanwhile Dido has got herself into trouble with her new album. Would it be cynical of me to suspect a PR stunt?

On an only tenuously related note... when I was at the Honda F1 racing HQ last Monday I was quite proud of my ability to keep up (well, almost) with all the techy jargon. Did you know an F1 car is 2 Gs which compares with a rocket being launched which is 3 Gs, and the F1 braking power is 5 Gs but could be 7 Gs if the rules allowed it? You did?

So I took it in my stride when the guy showing up round said 'We rely on the X Factor Fans to take away the dust'. I thought he was making a joke about the mechanics.

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