Thursday, 18 December 2008


I hope everyone's downloading the Jeff Buckley version. Coming soon, Same Difference doing 'So Long Marianne' and Ray Quinn tackling 'Chelsea Hotel No. 2'.


Sebastian Weetabix said...

We will all be singing it when you lot lose the next election, assuming the dear leader doesn't declare a state of emergency and abolish elections. He certainly doesn't like standing in them, does he? A neutral might think he was lacking in moral fibre or dodging the column.

Let's see... 5 labour governments since your party started... 5 runs on the pound... unemployment higher than when you came into office. There seems to be a pattern at work here! Why does Labour pee away all the cash?

Anonymous said...

Why are you pretending to be a fan of Leonard Cohen but then encouraging people to buy an inferior cover version of his song? Alexandra is a better singer than you are an MP, in fact, Chico is a better singer than you are an MP. You ghastly snob.

Fred Bloggs said...

Why do they not use some of their vast profits to hire writers for the "Winners Song"... I feel cheated when they do this, especially when the original version is so beautiful.

Boyzone are also on my whinge list, they have murdered many a perfect original, Alison Krauss´s "When You Say Nothing At All" was stunning and now they have covered Tom Baxter´s "Better", yet another sickly-slick production.

I say Geraldine for Christmas No.1 !!

Kerry said...

Chico is also a better singer than I am.

I do like Leonard Cohen, (tho' I wasn't amongst the hordes of MPs who saw him on his recent tour, which included Alistair Darling who's a big fan) but he's not really in the race this time is he? And Jeff Buckley is better looking! (Joke)

Alexandra obviously has a good voice but I hate it when people cover songs without 'getting' the real meaning. Like REM's The One I Love being dedicated to people on Valentine's Day.

And if you're slagging off Ronan Keating, surely you can't omit his version of 'Fairytale of New York'? When he couldn't bring himself to 'Happy Christmas your arse'?

Fred Bloggs said...

I wish you hadn´t enlightened me to the Ronan butchering of Fairytale.. I had to youtube it to believe you, poor Kirsty deserved so much better, God bless her sweet soul.

Sebastian and classisms, stick to the subject matter or blog elsewhere, you´re ruining a potentially entertaining debate with all your nonsense.

(Kerry, please stick to the day job!)

Dick the Prick said...

Ronan Keating did 'Fairytale of New York'? Good grief. The man's as dangerous as soup.

Martin said...

I hate it when people cover songs without 'getting' the real meaning. For a long time, if not still, the unofficial anthem of New Jersey was a song about leaving New Jersey because is was an S-hole- Springsteen's Born To Run.

Kerry said...

And didn't George Bush misappropriate Born in the USA?