Monday, 22 December 2008

Exposed - senior politician in email scam!

A constituent has forwarded me an email she has received, headed 'Humanitarian Help Required'

"Dear Friend,

I am Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP. Leicester's first woman MP in 1997 when I was elected Labour MP for Leicester West, held a variety of top ranking roles in the Cabinet, including Cabinet Minister for Women and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, and my last appointment was the Secretary of State for Health under Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.

I actually got your contact info via your country’s national directory and intend introducing a project that has to do with charity in your country and neighbouring countries around you. Before my retirement, I personally made an over estimation, and stacked the sum of Six Million Three Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds which I totally intend for the purpose of charity and none other which will be supervised by an Attorney as he will also be the one in charge of securing these funds into your custody. This transaction will result to you being paid a commission of 11% of the investment capital and the balance, distributed to charity organizations of your choice or reinvested and the net income, used for rehabilitating charity organization in and around your country through you/your agency annually for the period of five years or a little more.

The last time I orchestrated this sort of Grant, the individual in Australia succeeded in successfully setting up three standard orphanage homes in less than a year. I have never been so proud of such a noble individual. If you are willing to execute this Humanitarian Project, You must understand that I desire absolute confidentiality and professionalism on this issue.

Please respond urgently if you are interested as the fund are getting overdue, so I can equip you with the necessary details, along side my Attorney’s contact information, so as to commence the transaction properly; on the other hand, if you are not, please let your intentions be known or better still, Kindly relent from replying this email.You could get personal info. on me via the Parliament sites or on my official website, but do not try to contact me via any personal information you may lay your hands upon on the internet as almost all my contact info are connected to the British House of Parliament data base except the ones I personally sent to you; as I don’t want our effort and my reputation, jeopardized."

And then it gives contact details...

I particularly like the 'Before my retirement, I personally made an over estimation, and stacked the sum of Six Million Three Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds' bit. Plus the carefully-researched reference to Australia.


Remember Remember said...

Sounds quite realistic to me...
except for the "orphanages" bit, they are more likely to be "investment property" in lush locations.

Donkey Kong said...

The world simply has to know what Patricia Hewitt herself thinks of this scam. Find out and I will kiss you, Kerry.

Kerry said...

Well I did notify her office. But I'm certainly not going to reveal her response now!

Dave H said...

That email was full of grammatical errors, unnecessary capitalisations etc. and was unlikely to have been written by a well-educated person, especially not one who attended Oxford and Cambridge* and has two masters degrees.

*I found this out by "careful research" i.e. looking her up on Wikipedia. There you can also find the gem that a Judicial Review found her "guilty of unlawful sex discrimination" when she was in charge of a department committed to gender equality. Very much in the Harman mould then.

I'm off to read Old Holborn. I just love the bile: it's so much more fun than vanilla. Merry Christmas anyway, Kerry.

Kerry said...

You find racism fun? I showed OH's site to some Somali activists on Friday. I can assure you they didn't think it was 'a bit of fun'.

Dave said...

It's been around for quite a while. I wrote about it over a year ago.

Dave H said...

I feel obliged to rant a reply. Well, with a stinking cold I’d be just as miserable doing anything else. First off, (trivial pont) if you're going to use quotation marks please be accurate, I actually wrote 'more fun.'

A while back I remember reading the opinions of leading anti-racism campaigner regarding white people (I think I remember her name, though it doesn't help to give it). She has much the same attitude towards racism that Patricia Hewitt has towards sexism, yet I imagine you would be happy to converse with her, or at least happier than you would be with a BNP activist sharing similarly extreme views.

That's the problem with "anti-" campaigners of whatever persuasion -they tend to display precisely the mindset they profess to reject. I wouldn't be surprised if Lee Jasper were more racially prejudiced than Old Holborn. Again, I don't suppose the prospect of a Jasper blog would have you frothing at the mouth. I doubt you could ever even spot the inconsistency. OH hates you because he thinks you are in a position to cause profound harm while you remain utterly convinced you are on the side of the Good.

In any case, I would have thought Somali activists would be preoccupied with the problems of their homeland, rather than the opinions of a grumpy man in Essex unwelcoming towards their presence here. Though sadly (as a former Guardian-reading Lib Dem voter) I'm no longer quite convinced he doesn't have a point. You vehemently reject his sentiments, yet do you realise your party's policy of mass immigration and (especially) multiculturalism mean that traditional aspects of Somali culture, such as FGM, will now be taking place in Britain? Very probably it takes place in your constituency: it will tend to happen anywhere in the the world with a community from countries that practice it, with probability related to the size of that community -just as surely as ex-pat. Brits bring drunken antics to the beaches of Dubai. It's a direct consequence of immigration, multiculturalism just makes it even worse. Regarding a backlash (no pun intended)in feeling from a conservative Muslim society against debauched Westerners within their midst, do you understand it (and side with OH) or condemn it?

I wonder if FGM in Bristol is what your Somali activists spend most of their time being 'active' about.

I wonder if it concerns you.

Logically not. After all, it was you, not OH, who facilitated it here. And that's just 2+2=4.

Rant over. Sorry not to have put the above more concisely.

Kerry said...

I was in two minds whether to post this. Just a couple of points as I would like to leave the office at some point tonight.

1) The majority of Somalis in the UK have arrived as refugees, so nothing to do with immigration policy.

2) It's a common tactic for people to find examples of abhorrent behaviour within a cultural group and then present it as the cultural norm. Just because FGM is practised in some parts of Africa doesn't mean that majority of Africans here support it too. In fact the African community in Bristol - including Somali men - have been active in campaigning against it, and educating people within their community about it.

3) I don't think you really give a damn about FGM - it's just a convenient stick with which to beat them.

James said...

This has been around a while.

Kerry said...

OK, so I'm not as on the ball as I might be... In fact it does vaguely ring bells now.

Donkey Kong said...

Go on Kerry, Christmas kiss for you if you tell us what Hewitt's reply was. ;-)

Kerry said...

She yawned and said, yeah, I read that on Dave's blog absolutely ages ago.

Old Holborn said...

I'm not a racist.