Monday, 24 November 2008

Vote early, vote often!

For the locals amongst you, there's a People's Millions vote today, and one of the projects is from east Bristol. (You may recall that Sustrans won the national competition not so long ago). Today's vote is between the Rosemary's Garden project (see my website for details, it's at the Rosemary Nursery in St Judes) and a play area project. Rosemary's Garden will be featured on ITV West regional news this evening, if you want to find out more.

Voting is open from 9am to midnight, and to support Rosemary's Garden project, you can call 0871 62 68 152 to cast your vote.

The project that receives the most public support will win an award of £50,000 from the Big Lottery Fund. The runner up with the highest number of votes in each ITV region will also win an award, so every vote counts!

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