Saturday, 13 September 2008

She's a lady

Unsurprisingly, Sarah Palin has captured the heart of at least one Tory MP. Meanwhile, Political Betting is speculating whether Kitty Ussher could be Labour's answer to the mad and scary one. (No, not Nads). Kitty is of course not at all mad or scary, though she does have a rather alarming speaking head on her website which used to start talking at you without being asked. Stephen Williams has something similar, but I think you'd have to be very soft indeed to be even slightly scared by him.

And now William Rees-Mogg has joined in, saying 'Labour's Best Hope is the Palin Effect' - I'm sure Ruth Kelly and Harriet Harman are delighted to be singled out by the mighty Mogg for his approbation.

Well perhaps this is time to launch my bid to be the female politician who is the polar opposite of Sarah Palin in as many respects as you can possibly imagine?

  • Christian creationist -vs- atheist Darwinist;
  • gun toting moose-burger munching hunter -vs- a vegan who won't even kill mosquitos;
  • 'hockey mum' of five strangely-named kids -vs- no kids, never wanted them (tho' proud auntie of thirteen (sort of) sensibly-named nieces and nephews - or at least not called Trig, Track or Bristol);
  • opposed the designation of polar bears and Beluga whales as endangered species -v- campaigned against seal hunts, badger culling, whaling;
  • finalist in Miss Alaska -vs- ..... ok, let's not go there.

And then there are her views on the death penalty, abortion, gun control, same sex marriage, climate change. And the glasses. My only weak spot is that apparently she likes riding snowmobiles - which I suspect might actually be quite good fun if not entirely environmentally sound.

The Vogue picture is photo-shopped by the way, by one of her constituents. There is however a real picture of Top Tory Theresa Villiers in this month's British Vogue, modelling 'workwear'. Tatler one day, Vogue the next - there are glammed-up Tories everywhere these days.

PS Have just come across a website suggesting Barack Obama must be anti-American because one of his daughters - Natasha - has a Russian name. Only in America...


Alice Dale said...

I've just followed your link to Nadine Dorries' blog ... she is one scary woman. It's not just Palin's views on abortion that scare other women, it's her views on human rights full stop. Her views on the death penalty ... her eagerness for war ... does Palin actually know where Georgia is? I mean, she can't see it from Alaska.

thebristolblogger said...

does Palin actually know where Georgia is?

Disagree with Palin all you like - I do. But write her off as stupid at your peril ...

Kerry said...

Isn't this a rerefence to the claim by some Palin supporters that she'd be well-placed to sort out diplomatic relations with Russia because it's next to Alaska?

Also, there was a report that until very recently she'd never been out of North America, and her claim to have visited Germany, Kuwait, Iraq and Ireland turned out to include seeing Iraq from the Kuwaiti border and refuelling at an Irish airport.