Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Labour conference special (6)

The previous post was actually written at 7pm, but then the computer crashed. It's now 3am and I've just got in from the Labour Students bash. Spent most of that perched on a bar stool while very drunk young men from my newly-acquired entourage (mostly former interns) did silly dances to amuse me.

Gordon, who was jolly good and is going to be our Great Leader for many years to come, turned up at the ITN do earlier in the evening. He told his Amy Winehouse anecdote about how he had to introduce her to Nelson Mandela at the 90th birthday concert, and struggled diplomatically to explain the precise position she occupies in the British celebosphere. She told Nelson: 'you and my husband have a lot in common - you've both been in prison'. And when she led the singing of 'Free Nelson Mandela' on stage, she was singing 'Free Blakie My Fella'. (And singing it badly too, as I blogged at the time). A complete travesty.

Today was pretty busy actually. Went into the Hall in the morning to hear Hazel pay special tribute to the minority Labour leadership in Bristol and wishing Kevin Herniman the best of luck in the St George West by-election. We forced Kevin to his feet to gracefully accept the applause. Also met with BUAV (more on that when back in normal land), the WWF (no, not the wrestlers), and Alf from the Norwegian embassy. The Blogger will be pleased to know that Hazel hit the dancefloor at the ITN bash, tho' she wasn't tap-dancing.

Before doing the evening reception circuit I went to a dinner hosted by the Foreign Policy Centre, at the invitation of Mr Stephen Twigg, who will be back in his rightful place in Parliament after the next election. It is something of a Labour Conference tradition that Stephen always leads the masses in jumping up and down to 'Things Can Only Get Better' on the dancefloor, and true to form he did the honours at the end of the Labour Students bash. Eddie Izzard was there too. He's mates with Lucy Powell, PPC for Manchester Withington (and Guardian blogger and my ex-boss although she hates me saying that, probably because it makes her sound old). Lucy gave a brilliant speech at today's Conference, having a go at the Manchester Withington MP, John Leech, for sitting on the fence over road-pricing. He's a Lib Dem. Obviously.

I think that was it... oops, almost forgot the hair situation update. Unfortunately the ITN do was very packed and very warm and within ten minutes I was forced to go for the 'ponytail with a Mr Pringle fringe' option (so called because it goes all wavy and looks like the man on the Pringle tubes. Not a good look).

Conference quiz to follow... I had a diet Pepsi at 1am; I don't do caffeine and I'm wide awake.

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